What Are We?

DermOQ brings breakthrough oxygen infusing technology developed for spine surgery to skincare.

DermOQ was spun out of Theracell in 2017.

TheraCell, Inc. which was acquired by ISTO Biologics in April 2022 is a regenerative medicine company which was funded and guided by a team of influential spine surgeons, regenerative medicine scientists, and experienced medical device executives. TheraCell developed next generation advanced technologies for orthopedic tissue repair before being acquired.

TheraCell created multiple synergistic technology platforms; including:

Demineralized Bone Fibers (DBF™)


Oxygenated Bone Grafts.

TheraCell’s TheraFuze DBF® portfolio of demineralized bone fiber solutions includes the most unique and broadest range of procedure specific demineralized bone fiber solutions addressing unmet needs in spine & orthopedic surgeries. These novel implants have been used in more than 50,000 surgeries for spine fusion.

DermOQ Oxygen Complex

DermOQ Oxygen Complex was initially developed by TheraCell, Inc. to put concentrated oxygen right at the surgical site in spine surgery to speed the bone graft fusion process and surgical wound recovery.

The Theracell team of surgeons and scientists were keenly aware that the DermOQ Oxygen Complex could also improve post-op soft tissue recovery, which led to the development of oxygen infusing skincare.

Now this proprietary oxygen delivery system, from the world-renowned scientists who developed it for surgical procedures, is available in our oxygen infusing skincare.

Powered by the DermOQ Oxygen Complex our skincare infuses molecular oxygen into the skin, fueling the mitochondria to help boost their metabolism, promoting cell regeneration to reduce the appearance of aging.

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